Thursday, January 8, 2009

Happy New Year!!

Well, this post is quite over due. It was a really busy December for us. It was so busy that we went through all the effort to go to the mountains and cut our Christmas tree down and all it had was lights, an angel and a few ornaments that Shelby made at school. How sad is that. The kids were ok with not decorating because Mike put lights on the tree in our front yard. Little did I know that that was our Christmas tree decorating time. Next year we will have to figure out how fit it all in. Unless we leave our lights up all year.

So, I have a few photos to show a few highlights of our Christmas.

We had the pleasure of seeing Aiden and Shelby sing at Christmas in the park. Savannah and I bundled up in the cold to watch. This performance was just the first of many for the kids. Shelby had her first role as Mary in her Kindergarten Christmas Play.

After the performance, we were persuaded to go on a few rides and indulge in some sweets. I'm not sure what we were thinking at the time. They were high on sugar and one ride led to begging, whinning and crying.

I helped my sister plan and Children's Christmas Tea at our church. It was a great even for boys and girls. Of course we dressed the kids up and they enjoyed the sweets and adorable puppet show. Savannah was adorable in her Christmas dress.
Merry Christmas!! This kids were soooo excited about their gifts. We opened them Christmas Eve instead of Christmas morning. It was so relaxing for us. We took our time, stayed up late, lite a fire in the fireplace, had hot cocoa, and watched Santa Clause 3. It made Christmas morning so much easier for us. They had stockings and it kept them plenty busy.
Savannah was actually sick Christmas eve with a stomach thing. So, she wasn't eating much. The next day she was fine.

The following Sunday after Christmas, we had Savannah's baby dedication. It was kinda crazy to do right after Christmas. My nephew joined us since he wanted his Daddy. Savannah's uncle is our pastor, so it is really special to have her dedicated by him. My niece was dedicated right after us by her grandfather. We wanted to have them dedicated on the same day.

The next day, we headed for Pismo Beach for a few days to visit Mike's parents. It was Christmas #2 for the kids. They headed straight for the tree reading the letters on the gifts. We had a great few days and enjoyed the beach. It was like spring. It was Savannah's first time exploring the wet sandy beach and water. She had a great time with Mike and we were able to take a few cute pictures.
As much as we enjoyed the time off and all the extra sweets, I'm so happy to begin a new year. I finally feel like we are settling into a routine with Savannah. It was really hard comming home and then hitting the pavement running. I've come the realization that my day doesn't end until 9 or 10 pm. In this case, after midnight. As much as it tires me, it brings me so much joy to see the smiles on their faces when they play with their new little sister. I wouldn't change that for anything. Savannah brings so much to our lives that we would be missing out if we weren't blessed with her.
It is a blessing to know that God knows what is best for us. Even when I don't understand, it brings me peace to know that I'm not in control. So, what is next for the McManus Family in 2009? Well, I have a list of things that I want to accomplish, but I think I will leave that up to the boss.
Have a Wonderful 2009!
God Bless,


Alicia said...

Oh my gosh..I love the picture of all three of them by the tree!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm glad you updated your blog!! I always enjoy reading it, although I already knew most of it already! Haha

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I tagged you my dear!