Saturday, October 25, 2008

Wow, it will be 2 months!!!

This week will be two months since we have been home. So much has happened since that plane landed. The school year had started with Shelby in kindergarten and we started another homeschool year with Aiden in 2nd grade. Shelby had her 5th birthday, followed by our 11 year anniversary. Just a week and a half later, Mike had his birthday. Life did not stop for us while we were in China. As soon as we got home, we picked up where we left off.

Savannah has been a trooper with our hectic life. I feel like all I do is drive around back and forth dropping off and picking up kids. It is crazy!! It is amazing to me to see how well Savannah has adjusted to us. It just reminds that God hand picked her for us and prepared her for us. I was soo concerned about who she was and what we were going to get. It is so easy for us to want to do things our own way, but there is only one way. God's Way!! Praise God for that! I would have really messed things up if I did it my way. She has taken to the kids really well. They all adore each other. They have made the transition for her so much easier.

We had a 1 month check up a few weeks ago. She grew from the 6th percentile to the 10th in just one month. The Dr. was impressed. We now see a tummy to match those chunky thighs and cheeks. She has been eating really well. We still have our challenges, but considering where she was two months we are doing great. She's eating solids 3 times a day and now eating stage 3 baby foods. Today, she ate chicken from my plate and did not spit it out. She loves the Gerber puffs. She opens her mouth like a little bird trying to get her food. It is really cute. She will not put it in her mouth herself or hold her bottle. She still doesn't put anything in her mouth. She will pick up tiny little things off the carpet and carry them around with her. She's been crawling, standing and will walk along the couch. It she wants something bad enough, she will find away to get it. She is obsessed with the cat, midnight. He's such a patient cat. I don't know why he doesn't just run when he sees her.

She has a been a wonderful addition to our family. All the kids have really taken to her. She has really taken to all the men. She likes to smile at her uncle Mike and loves her grandpa. Not typical for babies that are used to women in the orphanages.

We went to have Chinese tonight and were celebrities at the restraunt. Lots of people looking at us. The manager kept talking to me about her and asked when she got her teeth. We think we asked so that I would have to tell him the real story about her. It was obvious I would not know. This was the first time since we got home that we got attention. Nobody really pays attention to us. Last week, the cashier at Trader Joes asked if the kids had different father's. That was the first time I had someone question the kids. I was taken back at first, but answered no and stated that she was adopted. My mother in law was in town this weekend and she took the older 2 kids to the park that was primarily asian and Aiden work his GE GE t-shirt, which is big brother in Chinese. The baby was not with her and this Chinese woman kept talking to her in Chinese and pointing to the baby in her stroller. We have no idea what she was saying, but she was excited about Aiden's shirt. Next time we will have to bring Savannah with us to see what she would say or do.

I better get back to the craziness of life! I'll try to get some new photos posted soon and Savannah will be one year old in just one month. WOW!!

Have a Blessed Week!!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I'm a US Citizen!!

We received Savannah's US Citizenship Certificate. It is official! She became a US citizen when the plane landed on US soil. This is the documention we have been waiting for. It was issued on Shelby's birthday. We have soo many dates that are easy to remember. The day she was put into our arms was also my little sister, Grace's birthday. God must know that I can't remember anything anymore.

Now we have start more paperwork to get her a birth certificate and social security number. I'm not looking forward to dealing with that. I tell you it is never ending.

Saturday, October 4, 2008