Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Labs are in!

I got a call from Savannah's Dr. and she said that nothing showed up in her labwork that would be of concern. She's going to send me the results. So, for now there's nothing to worry about. Who knows how much Melamine she could have possibly gotten on the formula, so we will just move on and continue to trust in the Lord.

gotta go, Shelbys changing a poopy diaper.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Ok, it has been 3 weeks!

So much has changed since we've gotten home. We are ALL finally sleeping. It was musical beds the first two weeks. We are still picking up hitch hikers in the evening. If you wonder what that means, it means the Shelby sneaks into our bed each night. Since Savannah has been home, we are back in the habit. Tonight she was instructed to stay in her bed. Mike is tired of ending up on her double bed, bunked with Aiden. She is sooo cute sleeping next to me. Until I get kicked in the head. Sometimes I wake up and she has her arm wrapped around me. It is so cute!!

As for Savannah's sleeping, she's doing great. There are no more nights of us listening to her scream. It was really hard letting her scream, but it has paid off. Tonight we put her down and not a word. Each morning she waits patiently for us to get her up. She will stay quiet even if she see's me get up. It is so sweet of her! She is in a crib in our room for those of you that are wondering.

On to Savannah's eating habbits. She is eating wonderfully!! I feed her baby food three times a day and she has 3 bottles. I can't believe how far we have come since the first feeding. It was torture to watch her cry as I continued to put baby food in her mouth.

She has transitioned to US formula just fine. She was on the Chinese formula that has been in the news lately. I don't have her test results yet, but she is in God's hands. We did our lab work last Thursday. I put it off since I was not looking forward to having a screaming baby when they try to draw blood. I was shocked when not a word came out of her mouth as she filled four tubes of blood. She was about to start crying, but they started singing and talking to her. I was amazed!!

My sister just told me that there are 53,000 babies that were affected by the tainted milk with melamine in it. The number keeps increasing each day. There isn't really information about the longterm effects of melamine and Babies. We just praise God that she is finally here. We trust that he will protect her body from whatever harm it may have caused her.

School is moving along. This week was a challenging week with Aiden. I'm hoping to regroup this week and start a new track next week. Aiden goes to school 2 days a week, so I'm very grateful on those days. I don't know what I'd do without the break. Being mom and teacher is very difficult for both of us. Shelby is doing great in her kindergarten class and I love it.

On another note, thanks to all of you who have been checking out my blog. I'm glad that so many of you enjoyed it while we were in China. I had no idea how addicted some of you got. Sorry it has been awhile since our last update. Thanks are kinda hectic these days.

Have a great night!
God Bless!

Finally! Updated Photos

Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Princess Ball

Last weekend was the Princess Ball at our Church. It is a wonderful event focused on the relationship that a daughter has with her Dad. The night starts with dinner with their daughter and then off the church. They have an evening filled with dancing, desserts, fun games, photos and wonderful memories of their evening with their prince charming.

It was perfect timming for Mike & Shelby. It was great for them to spend the evening together without the attention of Savannah. Here are a few photos of our Princess and her Prince.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Quick Update!

Hello from all five of us! It has been just over a week and I barely had time yesterday to post some final pictures of our journey to China and some photos of our first week home.

I've been asked quite a few questions about our adjustment home, so I thought I'd update you all also. First, how are Aiden and Shelby doing with Savannah. They are doing GREAT!! We had a few meltdowns the first few days, but overall it has been awesome. Shelby loves having someone to mother and carry around like a sack of potatoes. Aiden seems good either way. He just doesn't ever want us to leave for that long again and daddy is not to go on any business trips anytime soon.

How is Savannah adjusting? She's doing great! Overall, she is a very happy baby. We are struggling with the time change and her desire to not eat baby food and adjust to new formula. For the most part I think it is just establishing a routine with her and her understanding what the boundaries are. Today, we had a breakthrough in her eating. She ate without screaming or crying. Usually she needs to cry in order for me to get the food in her mouth. It was a much smoother and a quicker process than usual. I think she is finally getting the picture. As for her bottles, she decided she did not like the formula last night. We managed to get her to drink it. She doesn't have much choice, because I can't get what she was drinking and it is not at all healthy for her.

How's the jet lag? Are you sleeping? Well, we are finally getting some sleep. The first 3/4 days were aweful? Savannah is finally getting more sleep at night rather than during the daytime. She's hardly sleeping during the day, just like China. So, that must mean things are returning to normal. Mike got a cold when we got home, so he is totally off. Tomorrow, he's back to work.

Bonding? Savannah is definately bonding to us and the kids. She loves the kids. Yesterday, I was home with just her and I couln't leave the room or she would cry. I didn't realize how much she enjoyed the kids and the entertaintment. That's how I'm able to type this post. It also shows me that she is bonding to her mama as well. Last night she responded to her name Savannah. As for mom and dad bonding, we are. She makes it very easy to. Except at 3am when she is screaming and all I want to do is sleep. Our love for her grows more each and every day.

Gotta tend to disaster in the family room!
God Bless!