Monday, December 8, 2008

Milestones for Savannah

These are just some cute photos of Savannah at home.

Savannah in the dishwasher. Yes, there is a knife right there. We were watching her and wanted to take a picture. We don't normally let her in the dishwasher, but she heads straight for it when I'm doing the dishes.

It looks like she should be saying "Touchdown". I have no idea what was going on, she's just adorable.

We are holding our own bottle now. This is the first time she held the bottle. She does a lot better since this photo.

What child doesn't like french fries? Well, my friend Judy was right. There's plenty of time for them to learn to like them. She now loves them. We have no issues trying to figure out what to do with them these days.

Savannah is doing wonderfully in her new home. We are all so blessed to have her as part of our family. Thank You, God for giving us another child to love.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Christmas Tradition

It is a tradition for us to Cut our Christmas Tree each year. The last few years we have been able to do it as a big family with Jennifer's sister and brother's families. It is fun to take our photo and each year there's been a new baby added to the photo. This year we have two new babies. My niece, Hannah and our baby Savannah. This isn't the best photo due to the direction of sun, but with this many people it is hard to get a photo taken period.

Savannah with Mommy on her first experience hunting for the perfect Christmas tree.

Our family with our perfect tree.

The kids helping daddy cut the tree down.

Strong daddy taking the tree to the car.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Cracker Alert!!!

I can not believe it! I was really hoping that the Lego in the mouth would be the start of something that would lead to Savannah putting food in her mouth. Well tonight was that night! I usually give her a Gerber puff or cracker to pick up while I feed her. Usually she just throws them on the floor and get tired of picking them up. It is a short lived game to her. Tonight was a different story. When I was fixing dinner in between putting food in her mouth, I noticed that she was chomping on the cracker I gave her. I ran to get my camera to document this amazing moment. I was afraid she would stop, but no way.

It was cute to watch her try to the get the little piece of cracker left in her hand into her mouth. She'd start to bite into her hand and arm until she just gave up and went to the next cracker. She just left these little pieces that she would rather throw on the floor than try to figure how to get it into her mouth and still hold on to it. Soon she will realize that she will have to let go of the cracker if she wants to eat it. She even tried to pick up a piece of carrot and put it into her mouth. What a great dinner time!


Hmmm! How do I get this piece in my mouth?

Yummy! Yummy!

Our First Thanksgiving

We spent Thanksgiving with Mike's parents and sister in Pismo Beach. Prior to leaving, Savannah was not feeling well due to more teeth comming in. We are not sure how many, but she's got a mouth ready for more teeth. This was our first road trip and overnight with Savannah. We were unsure how she would do in a strange house with people she doesn't know while not feeling well.

Well, she did great!! The dogs didn't bother her and she felt right at home with everyone. The car ride was a little difficult towards the end of the drive. On the way home she cried for 30 minutes. It drove the kids crazy.

Overall, we had a nice Thanksgiving. It was also great to reflect on her start in life. Last year her birthday fell on Thanksgiving Day and she was found abandoned four days later on the 28th. No matter what day her birthday falls on, Thanksgiving will always be a special day for us. We are very thankful that God choose us for her parents and protected her as she was born and left at the entrance gate.

Here are a few photos of our first Thanksgiving with our Chinese Princess.

Oma bought her a walker that plays music and lights up. She dances to the music. She's not really interested in walking, but she will get there. I'm not really ready for her to be walking anyway. I still want her to be my little baby. I need more baby days.

Finally, she started to chew this Lego. This was her toy of choice for the 2 1/2 days. After our Thanksgiving dinner, she decided it was time to investigate further. Until now, she NEVER put anything in her mouth. Especially, the piles of Legos that were all over the floor. Watch out!! Time to pick up! This will lead to food going into the mouth really soon.

Nap time in Oma's arms! She doesn't usually fall asleep in arms, but she was exhausted. It was the perfect opportunity to have some bonding time with her Oma.

Here's a group photo of Aiden, Shelby, Savannah and their two cousins. Very challenging to get Savannah to cooperate. Not too bad!

This is the best we could do for a new family photo as a family of five. I have no idea why we are all looking different directions. There was only one camera.
Now that Thankgiving is over, time to do some Christmas shopping!!
God Bless,