Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Cracker Alert!!!

I can not believe it! I was really hoping that the Lego in the mouth would be the start of something that would lead to Savannah putting food in her mouth. Well tonight was that night! I usually give her a Gerber puff or cracker to pick up while I feed her. Usually she just throws them on the floor and get tired of picking them up. It is a short lived game to her. Tonight was a different story. When I was fixing dinner in between putting food in her mouth, I noticed that she was chomping on the cracker I gave her. I ran to get my camera to document this amazing moment. I was afraid she would stop, but no way.

It was cute to watch her try to the get the little piece of cracker left in her hand into her mouth. She'd start to bite into her hand and arm until she just gave up and went to the next cracker. She just left these little pieces that she would rather throw on the floor than try to figure how to get it into her mouth and still hold on to it. Soon she will realize that she will have to let go of the cracker if she wants to eat it. She even tried to pick up a piece of carrot and put it into her mouth. What a great dinner time!


Hmmm! How do I get this piece in my mouth?

Yummy! Yummy!

1 comment:

Alicia said...

Soon she'll be like all the other babies and will be sucking on Cheeto's!!!!

Great job Savannah!!!!